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6 Christian Bops To Add To Your Playlist (Pt. 1)

Casting Crowns. Matthew West. Hillsong. Third Day. Mandisa. Newsboys. Jeremy Camp. MercyMe. And good ol' Chris Tomlin. Sound familiar? If you grew up in a Christian household like me, your family may have had radio stations such as Star 99.1 or K-Love playing in the background 24/7. Mainstream contemporary Christian melodies have filled our churches, youth group nights and cars on Sunday mornings. I bet you ten bucks that you can sing I Can Only Imagine with your eyes closed. However, apart from CCM (Contemporary Christian Music), I like to indulge in some acoustic, gospel, and r&b tunes. But, I've learned that it can be difficult to find worship music in these genres that don't sound overly cheesy or outdated. Over the...

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What Does It Mean To Be "Soul Knit"?

When I was younger, I remember the days when my older sister began knitting. She created hats and scarves, you name it, all at the whim of her hands, two needles and a handful of yarn. They would turn out so beautifully, in hues of blue or gray, or bright oranges and reds.She'd work on these creations for days, often knitting while watching YouTube videos or any K-drama that she found worthy to binge. But, something I noticed about the art of knitting was how meticulous and long the process could be. There was a very intricate and precise means to it, and a mess-up could be just one twist away.

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