6 Christian Bops To Add To Your Playlist (Pt. 1)

Casting Crowns. Matthew West. Hillsong. Third Day. Mandisa. Newsboys. Jeremy Camp. MercyMe. And good ol' Chris Tomlin. Sound familiar?

If you grew up in a Christian household like me, your family may have had radio stations such as Star 99.1 or K-Love playing in the background 24/7. Mainstream contemporary Christian melodies have filled our churches, youth group nights and cars on Sunday mornings. I bet you ten bucks that you can sing I Can Only Imagine with your eyes closed.

However, apart from CCM (Contemporary Christian Music), I like to indulge in some acoustic, gospel, and r&b tunes. But, I've learned that it can be difficult to find worship music in these genres that don't sound overly cheesy or outdated. Over the years, I've come across a few Christian artists that are capable of adding that little bit of spice and unf that I've been so desperately looking for in clean worship music. Below is a list of some of my favorites, check them out!

Wild (Hotel Sessions) | Local Sound



God is Love | Peter Cottontale



Garden | OLY + Wordsplayed



Wars | Lord's Child, Montell Fish



Opened Up the Heavens | Isla Vista Worship, Mark Barlow



Hi 5 | Peter Cottontale



All tracks are available at:


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