Soul Knit Beginnings


Hey, I'm Melanie! I've always enjoyed creating. Whether it was crafting handmade cards, filming home videos, or making custom gifts for friends, the process of creating intentionally with someone in mind made it all the more joyful.

The idea of one day starting a clothing line has endlessly roamed in my mind, but seemed like a dream too far away to catch. Until one day, I was driving home from work and a podcast about starting a business came on. The host emphasized the importance of building not only from enjoyment, but with purpose. I wondered, "What could I create that will inspire others to live for something deeper because they know they are loved?" 

Soul Knit stems from a simple truth: to confidently know that you and I have been handcrafted intricately and intentionally with purpose in mind. Each of our souls are known and loved, knitted together with care.

I'm excited to share these collections with you, and I hope this apparel inspires you to step out into the person you have been created to be.


With Love,